Expectations:  Due to the current developments in technology, it is possible to draw labor from diverse cultures. I therefore needed to learn how a cohesive labor force can be formed drawing from the different backgrounds. I expected to learn how to deal with the differences and create unity in diversity all for the good of the company.

Reflections: I learnt that companies are advised to ensure that their employees have an in-depth understanding of multicultural issues.

In order to make employees understand multicultural issues within an organization, there is need to develop concepts of effective communications and an effective cultural awareness embedded across the entire organization. Moreover, it has come to my knowledge that communication is a vital process in the managing across cultures. According to this dissertation, change significantly affects employees’ performance through motivation, organization and leadership. Change management is vital in managerial professional practice in response to strategic issues.

Application: As a top ranking employee, I will apply the key essential and desirable skills needed in managing across cultures and its effect on performance of employees.

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