Sample Essay

The Company should generate regular reports on the performance of the company and its cable system, and strive to identify the problems before they become apparent to the customers. This will greatly improve the customer service and products provided to the customers by the company. Additionally the company should also focus on the number of complaints logged in a week and or the amount of complaints logged in a month.  This will give the company current number of customer complaints being resolved which the company can compared against the industry averages to better comprehend how they are performing in the market as compared to their competition.

Other metrics that can be used by the company to make their complaint management system more successful include specific metrics like the cost efficiency of the complaint management system, the speed efficiency, the time spent by the customer support staff on the phone with the customers while logging the complaints, the nature of complaint which is posted and the percentage of cable customers discontinuing their contracts with the company due to bad or failed processing of complaints.  The resolution cycle would also provide the company with the efficiency of its business function. These metrics will provide the company with a true picture of where it stands and how it should better improve the efficiency of its complaint management function.

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