Sample Essay

The quality tools that can be employed for identifying and  monitoring the process variability that can be used by the Riordan  management staff  include Ishikawa diagram, Pareto chart, check sheet, and control charts.

The main tool that can be employed is the cause and effect diagram better known as the Ishikawa or the Fishbone diagram. This diagram aids in identifying the causes related to the problem at hand and helps derivate possible effects for the problems. Such identification of possible effects can lead to solution generation that can eliminate the problem. The reasons for the low delivery quality of 93 percent as opposed to the required 95 percent can be analyzed using the diagram which can highlight the effect including the effect on the reserve/ safety stock level. The Pareto chart can also be used as it highlights the most significant factors leading to the problem.

A check sheet which is a structured form that is used to collect the data, analyze it and highly flexible instrument that can be adapted to the problem faced by the Riordan management. The check sheet can be used to analyze the forecasting method to determine what negative effects it is currently having and how they can be resolved. The control chart is another quality tool available to identify and monitor the process variability which depicts in the form of graphs how the processes can change over time. The supply chain process can be monitored through this tool which can help identify how the elemental changes made can alter the process resulting in a different more effective process.

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