Sample Essay

The management would be composed of executive management hired from the Indian market that have international job experience while the rest of the senior management would be composed of the Executive management at the US operations. The workforce and the middle/ lower management would be hired from the regional Indian labor pool. The hierarchical structure if the organization would be flat as with that of the US operations, this is to keep the company flexible and adaptive to the changes in the market.

The operations of the company in India would be run under the close supervision of the board of directors and senior management at the US head office for the Arizona Beverage Company. Continuous feedback on the operation in the form of performance reports, market share reports and financial reports would be shared with the management in the US in order to make way for a closely monitored business operation. As the company would progress in the region in the ensuing years, the level of monitoring and control exerted by the US office can be reduced.

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