Sample Essay

The Makatume Company can overcome its weaknesses by using its strengths to its advantage. The company can do this by strengthening its position in the cordless market, by creating a niche for itself here. The company already has a dominant option with a 70 percent share of this segment for power tools, however by aggressively promoting the company with this segment and associating it synonymously with its cordless power tool brands, the company will be able to create a niche for itself which will be much stronger than targeting a larger market without a niche.

The company will also have to innovate and launch new products which are less costly in nature but provide premium service. This can be done by launching another brand for its lighter power tool line of products available both as cordless as well as cord attached products. This line will be targeted at the lesser premium market I the United States while the premium market will provide the company with the much needed profit margin. The problem with the low voltage issue can be solved by providing the market with an option to buy lighter as well as heavy line of power tools in term of voltage.

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