Sample Essay

In case of kerosene LPG is the best alternate available and has been used extensively in its place for cooking in the urban and rural areas of Pakistan where the consumers face problems regarding availability of natural gas. In the industries as well the companies have started to extensively utilize LPG as an alternative to Kerosene. However the demand for the LPG product is very extensive and cannot be met by the local production. As the current budget that is available toPakistanis very constraint the import of this LPG is also restricted. ShellPakistanon the other hand is able to get access to LPG through its operations internationally, however it has not been able to do so to counter the demand and the prospective market that is available to it inPakistan.


The other reason for the increase in the demand for LPG is because of the conversion of the motor vehicles form petrol fuel engines to LPG based and CNG based petrol engines. While the common population ofPakistanswitched to CNG as an alternative form of fuel for their motor vehicles, the commercial vehicles like rickshaws, taxis and public and private buses shifted to LPG. However the common population inPakistanstates that due to the increasing queues of CNG cars on CNG stations and depots, people have gotten frustrated and are now shifting to avoid the long queues and wait at the CNG stations.

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