Sample Essay

In his book Edelson (2003) presents that the presence of toxins in the environment can cause hyperactivity in the children which can lead to autistic behavior being depicted by them. He explores the link between the environment and attention deficit disorder to reveal that natural therapies can be used to treat patients of autism. A research conducted by Hessl, Dyer-Friedman, Glaser, Wisbeck, Barajas, Taylor, and Reiss highlighted how the environment effects autism and can result in aggravation of the issue.

The research is based on an in-home evaluation of 120 children having the fragile x syndrome. The respective home environment as well as the psychopathology of their parents was taken into account for the study. The results of the study clearly provided that “for boys with fragile X, effectiveness of educational and therapeutic services and parental psychological problems predicted internalizing and externalizing types of problems, while the quality of the home environment predicted autistic behavior. For girls with fragile X, the results emphasized significant effects of FMRP on behavior, in particular social withdrawal and anxious/depressed behavior” (Hessl et al, 2001). Similarly a research conducted by London in 2000 also depicted how the environment acts as an etiologic factor in autism. Autism is generally caused due to genetics in nature, but the exposure of the pregnant parents to an adverse environment can trigger autism in the unborn fetus and babies as well.

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