Sample Essay

There extensive legal laws present that protect the consumers which makes the b2sities a target of rigorous laws. The laws pertaining to security specifically those dealing with the storage and the protection of the customer data and transaction particulars are extensively applicable on the b2c sites. The reason for this is largely due to the more public nature of the b2c sites which are accessible by the general public and therefore open to access for malicious parties.

On the other hand the legal issues that are associated with the b2b business pertain to issues with the contract law where the contract between the two businesses is protected by legal constructs. The other legal issue that is faced by the b2b sites on the internet is the issue of competition law where the pro or anti competitive arrangements have to be made. Other legal issues for b2b pertain to those of corporate governance, the equity structure of the b2b and those associated with the licensing of technology (‘B2B: management and legal issues’).

When talking about b2c operations, the b2c companies are held more liable for legal action when consumers voice their complaints against the company and therefore the penalty can be much higher for a b2c as opposed to the case where the b2b is targeted with the same complaint. This is because of the potential liability difference between the b2b and the b2c sites.

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