Sample Essay

Law suits and cases against cult groups acting separately for their own benefits have increased in the last decades. This provides that the Shermans have an effectively string case against the Church of Divine Light and therefore can demand damages on the basis of the torts committed by them against the family and on their minor son Rob Jr.

The damages that can be claimed by the plaintiff include nominal compensation for the emotional distress that their child and the family suffered from isolation at the hands of the Church of Divine Light. Other damages can take the form of the reclamation of the funds provided by the family to the Church for the stay of their son, which is depicted as being forceful, through fraudulent misrepresentation.


The Shermanfamily can focus on the element of the family being dispersed and broken by the Churchof Divine Lightwith the forceful restraint of Rob Jr. and isolation from his parents. This can be beneficial for the case as the court tends to encourage family values and the family establishment as well as depicted in the case of Reynolds v. United States.

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