Sample Essay

LED technology is very environmentally friendly as they save energy by being efficient. The LED technology unlike the traditional electricity based bulbs makes use of semiconductors and chips which make the transfer of energy form electricity to light 100 percent efficient. All the energy in the electricity is converted to light with no heat generation unlike the traditional light bulbs.

The application of the Led technology in the widespread industrial as well as office usage and even for household use can be beneficial as it would reduce the level of energy consumption making energy consumption efficient. This is because the large amounts of excess electricity wastage can be avoided using the LED technology applied to consumer and industrial sectors which generates into heat instead of light. The ProTerra manufactured lighting products using the LED technology can reduce the energy usage for consumers by as much as 80 percent. It is “Green” and produces minimal heat. The bulbs last up to seven years, which is much longer than any bulbs in current usage in similar applications. Finally, the Company’s LED bulbs produce a light spectrum that is very close to natural daylight.

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