Sample Essay

In the first 5 years of operations, the company would be targeting only one segment of the customers which pertains to the industrial customers. This is because the avenue that is being explored and invested in by the company is the provision of LED lighting products and related services for lighting street spaces and parking lots. As a result the possible customers for the first five years of the company’s operation would include the state ofAbu Dhabi, offices that have parking spaces, commercial associations that manage parking spaces and industrial companies that have parking lots that need to be lighted.

After the first five years of operations, the company can proceed to target the more commercial and residential customers of the LED technology based lighting bulbs and products. The reason for targeting a relatively small segment for products and services in Abu Dhabi in the first five years is to penetrate into the market, establish a brand name and reputation in the market for quality products and services as well as to allow the research and development team to develop products that can cater to the unique demands of lighting as presented by the residential customers by providing them with specialized LED lighting products.

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