Sample Essay

The solid-state illumination market is expected to grow from $320m in 2007 to nearly $1.37bn by 2012. Energy efficiency is a major driver for moving LEDs into the general (white) lighting market, but products must deliver value on a cost-of-ownership basis, and must have proven LED fixture efficiency and lifetime to win customer acceptance, says Steele” (‘LED market growth to accelerate to 12% in 2008’, 2008). A market report on industry lighting technology highlighted that the market for LED lighting is expected to increase significantly in the future leading to $1.65 billion by the year 2012 (Thompson, 2008). The report also provided that LED lighting is an emerging lighting alternative which has received well feedback and response form the market making the market for LED fixtures to grow by $5 billion on a global scale (Thompson, 2008).

The commercial sector of Abu Dhabihas started using the LED lighting technology to light up their stores and offices. Amongst others, international brands that are conscious of environment friendly consumption of electricity and efficient usage of electricity have started using the LED technology for their business operations. A popular store in Abu Dhabi, one belonging to the international fashion retailer, Christian Dior makes use of the LED based lighting technology to light its displays, its stores as well as its point of sale advertisements. The store has LED blue light controllers, and customizing lighting features that produce a sold and steady beam of light.

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