Sample Essay

The Company’s LED bulbs do not require installation of new fixtures, therefore providing savings of up to $550 per fixture. Using its patent pending technologies, ProTerra’s light bulbs reduce energy consumption by approximately 80% compared to most existing technologies. Unlike metal halide and fluorescent lights, the ProTerra LED bulb does not contain mercury, making it of enormous value and appeal in today’s environmentally conscious world.

The benefits, both financial and to the environment, are immediately recognizable particularly given the powerful worldwide pressures from all levels of government and industry to conserve energy and promote environmental protection. In addition to reduced energy costs and environmental benefits, ProTerra LED bulbs provide other important advantages. They produce very minimal heat, are highly durable and last two to three times longer than existing lighting products used in similar applications. The business plan provides that the most suitable product that can provide successive high rates of profit from sales in the first five years of operation is the LED High bay Industrial Lights which would be the product offered by the company in its first five years of operation in Abu Dhabi.

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