Sample Essay

One of them most important least successful factors for the company is its concentrated geographic presence. The company is currently only focused on the US, which limits its market to only a specific region. Operations in Canada opened in 2007 and in Mexico are due to open in 2009 but the limited scope of the market to N. America is restricting for the company. The heavy dependent on only one market has made the company dependent on the economy of US and this was depicted recently with the loss incurred by the company due to the ailing recession in the US market.

The company has almost no control on the quality of its products as the products are acquired through vendors worldwide, with no vendor contributing in more than 5 percent of the products, goods and services. As a result the recalls for the products by Lowe’s have been extensive, e.g. gas grills by Sagittarius Sporting Goods, of China, hammock stands by Shin Crest etc. This has considerably effected the brand image as well as the perception of the company in the minds if the consumers in the market.

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