This ensures that all that a student learns is applicable in one-way o the other. The experience the students have acquired in their lives will be helpful in helping them learn what is been taught. This makes learning easy for the students because they will be associating what they are learning with what the encounter in their day-to-day lives. This, in the end, will make it easier for students to pass their exams.

This is practical because students will have their own experiences even before they are taught in class (Gutek, 2000). In addition, they will be comparing their situations with what they are learning and as a result have the desire to learn more things. The educators have the basic role of ensuring that they are able to determine the current situations of students in order to come up with learning materials that will help in the growth of the students. Learning should be enjoyable because students will be able to use it as a motivation and thus be able to acquire as much knowledge as possible (Brucato & Hogan, 1999).

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