Sample Essay

The human mind and body have a threshold point. In other words, they have a certain capacity. You would not be able to concentrate on your studies, if you continue reading your books for four hours without taking a break. Most people with average and above average thinking spans can concentrate for forty five to fifty minutes without taking a break. Similarly, the body also needs a break after you have used your limbs for a considerable duration.  People use different ways to relax their body and brain. Reading is a good option but it works only on the brain.

According to me, there is nothing better than playing sports. This does not mean that one spends two hours playing basketball on a video game console. Playing outdoor sports is very important for maintaining physical fitness and mental freshness. Even if you have come tired from college, you can grab your tennis racket and hit a few shots in the court. This would rewind your brain and you would be able to concentrate on your studies.

These days, video games and consoles are dominating both school and college students. In other words, it has turned into an addiction.  Students do not spend a single day without playing these games. There is a very bitter fact about these games. They tire the mind instead of energizing it.

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