Sample Essay

When and where women do manage to achieve leadership positions in a company similar to men, i.e., after they have overcome the glass ceiling, they are faced with the glass cliff. This is a case where the females are expected under very tight scrutiny to perform extraordinarily well in order to retain the position, as compared to the men who are offered a more relaxed environment to work in. moreover they are also considered to be less efficient then men at leadership positions and roles. “Further, attitudes within the workplace suggest that workers prefer male supervisors to female ones and that many men and male managers remain unconvinced about the effectiveness of  women leaders” (Ryan & Haslam)

“It now seems apparent that in addition to these obstacles, the leadership positions that women occupy are likely to be less promising than those of their male counterparts. So, in addition to confronting a glass ceiling and not having access to a glass elevator, they are also likely to be placed on a glass cliff.” (Ryan & Haslam) As a result they face a higher failure rate in the leadership positions due to the fact that they are more closely evaluated and usually very harshly blamed nd humiliated for any mistakes or bad decisions on their part. In theUKas well, there is an increasing trend of females leaving organizations at a higher leadership positions in order to seek better opportunities or to spend time with their families. “Research fromCranfieldUniversityhas found that about 93% of FTSE 100 firms have no women visible at director level.” (Clark, 2002)

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