Sample Essay

The key macroeconomic variables which affect the Bank of America and the banking industry include the interest rate in the market, the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the exchange rate of the local currency, the mortgage and investment rates, the oil and gas rates in the international market as well as the employment level in the region and the degree of development taking place to make way for future growth.

The two macroeconomic economic variables that have been chosen pertain to the interest rates and the inflation in the United States.

Interest Rates: Investment rates for different industries, the mortgage and leasing rates, the loan interest rates, the TD rates, securities and bond rates, mutual fund rates etc.

Inflation Rate: Interest rates for the commercial products

The analysis of the external environments for the Bank of America a provides that the company as well as the Banking industry is highly effected by the changes taking place in the global environment as well as in the US economy and the US government regulations. In fact in lieu of the recent events taking place in the external environments, the company is facing declining performance in the future mostly based on the imminent recession in the United States.

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