Sample Essay

The main issue that is predominant through the analysis of the above chart is that the ergonomics of the workstation at home unfavorable in terms of the posture of the user. Particularly the upper body posture is most compromised as the neck is not straight when the user at the workstation, the head and the monitor are not at level with each other and the placement of the elbows and the wrists is also not level leading to persistent stress on bones and muscles in the upper body. Aside from this the workstation environment pertaining to the seating area depicts that the seating is not adjustable at all, with no flexibility provided for changing the level of the seat or for the comfort of the back rest.

The improvements that need to be made to the workstation pertain to changing the seating area. A seat which provides the options of adjusting the back rest, supporting the lumbar region, and allows the user to adjust the seat level needs to be purchased and set up. Similarly the adjustability surfaces in the workstation needs to be improved in order to enable the user to adjust the monitor height, as well as the height and level of the mouse and the keyboard. Investing in better suited and ergonomically friendly workstation equipment is worth the cost as it can prevent long term stress based injuries as well as disabilities of muscles joints. Such injuries can cost a fortune to treat, while issues related to bad posture cannot be resolved by medical treatment only, as physical exercise and therapy is required. Therefore investing in better ergonomic equipment of the workstation is worth the additional cost.

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