Sample Essay

The degree of isolation and removal from the norms of the civilized society that Hitler preferred are depicted in the memoirs of Eva Braun. “Eva Braun’s diary shows that she, as Hitler’s mistress, came no closer to him than Kubizek and Speer. For most of their fifteen year relationship, he tended to keep it hidden, confiding her to her rooms during meetings with others.” (Scheff & Retzinger, 2001, p145) A man is a social animal and social bonds are a necessity for the mental and psychological health of a human being.

Deprivation from the social needs can contribute towards the cognitive psychological thinking process, altering it such to result in immoral behavior. “Large social systems are often characterized by isolation among groups and engulfment within then. This seems to be the case in the situation that led to the rise of Hitler…Idealization and blind obedience to leaders who are willing to go to war suggests an extreme form of engulfment within nations and isolation among them. This particular combination of the two forms of alienation may be the lethal mixture causing the acceleration of violence in our civilization.” (Scheff & Retzinger, 2001, p170) The life of Hitler, his alienation from the society and the social bonds provides strong evidence towards the argument that the isolation and morality are inter related and that isolation combined with opportunity can result in immoral behavior amongst the humans.

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