Sample Essay

The following paper explores the security issues that are highlight prominent on the internet nowadays. Two main case studies are discussed where the computer security came under threat from the malicious behavior and actions of the third parties. The cases that are analyzed in the paper pertain to the theft of credit card information and identity in theUnited Statesfrom hackers who gained illegal access to the systems of nine major retailers in theUS. The other case that is discussed as part of this paper is that pertaining to the Storm worm which was launched in 2007 and managed to infect 10 million computers due to the unsuspecting nature of the email to which the Trojan was attached…

The initiatives that could have been implemented include implementing protectionist measures and security software which protect the data stored in the online systems pertaining to customer records and their credit card information. Additional anti-hacking software, as well as firewalls that prevent intrusion from outside sources and third parties like hackers could have been set up which give off an alarm or signal to indicate if any breach does occur to the company and the credit/ debit card issuing authority. Similarly the VISA and MasterCard could have been more diligent in their supervision of the transactions being made to determine the fraudulent transactions being made from the original transactions.

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