Sample Essay

The following section highlights the possible international markets where the Arizona Beverage Company can extend its international operations. A suitable criterion for the potential opportunity is identified in order to help the company access the potential opportunity present in the market as well as mitigate the risks associated while enabling the company to compete in the international market.

A market research is undertaken which involved gathering information regarding the current operations of the Arizona Beverage Company, its organizational culture, business philosophy and its product offering. Information about the possible international markets is determined pertained to the political, economic, social, as well as technological and cultural environments which depict whether iced tea as a product can be accepted and successfully marketed in the possible markets. The market potential of possible international markets is determined in terms of the acceptability of iced tea as a product in the target countries, while a SWOT analysis has been conducted to compressively analyze the markets. Additionally the characteristics of the markets are assessed while undertaking a comparison and contrast of the markets to assess them in terms of the criteria set for selecting a possible international market for operations of the Arizona Beverage Company.

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