Sample Essay

The integration of the systems results in a common software platform for the business whereby they can interact and transact in a much more feasible manner resulting in integration in business processes as well as integration in the data of the businesses. “To take on the challenge of business process integration, companies need a secure and reliable integration infrastructure for mission-critical commerce applications. The infrastructure must provide for the transparent exchange of information with suppliers, trading partners and customers. It must reliably and securely exchange data internally and externally via the Internet or other networks. It must allow end-to-end integration, and provide message delivery across multiple systems that may be applications, databases, clients or servers.” (Fingar & Aronica)

The integration of the business on the internet medium should provide them with the facilities pertaining to data transfer and transformation, communication which does not always required a network or a system, a guaranteed delivery of the message for protection against data and information loss, standards such as XML, business process management as well as monitoring functions and highly efficient and storing security for the business from intruding parties on the internet.

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