Sample Essay

Businesses need their employees to be able to communicate with each other and their stakeholders and have access to their systems on the movie or from remote location. This is the reason modern internet based communication and wireless communication technologies are used by businesses to communicate where there are constraints regarding geographic locations. “Technology gives businesses the opportunity to engage in projects which may have not been possible without technology due to differences in location and geographical distances. Thanks to technology boundaries have been effectively erased and many more projects and innovative ideas have been born and brought to fruition.” (Goessl)

Information technology and particularly the communication technology has enabled in aggregating the process of globalization by bringing remote locations closer email and video conferencing solutions. The linguistic and the boundaries of countries have been brought down by the use of communication technology (‘Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Information Technology’). The communication process between entities has been speeded through the use of communication technology making it cheaper and reducing the response time to an instant therefore making is efficient.

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