Sample Essay

The Arizona Beverage Company is a very patriotic company which seeks to representAmericaand its culture in the products and services that it provides to its culture (‘How We Think inArizona’). The ‘American Way’ is part of its business and organization philosophy and the company seeks to build upon and depict the American way of life through its products that it provides to its customers. The company also seeks to increase employment in the United States by expanding its business and providing more opportunities for jobs to the citizens of the country. This depicts that the influence of the country is significant on the business practices of the company as well as in its product and service offerings and therefore has to be incorporated to an extent for the international marketing strategy.

The products of the Arizona beverage Company are mainly cold beverages which mainly include natural ingredients and are sold at very affordable prices to the consumers. The company seeks to keep the prices low while providing high quality beverages to the target markets. This depicts that the selected country for international operations should have a market for cold beverages, especially for iced teas as this is the main product being extended in the international market. Moreover awareness about natural and healthy ingredients in the target market would also increase the matching of the company product to the possible international markets.

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