In some instances, the respective authorities give false information about certain companies if they feel that their selfish interests are not fulfilled. This causes tensions between industrialists and the government because of mistrust between the two parties. However, these cases can be minimized if all the parties are honest in their works and promise to do the best for the environment. In addition, all stakeholders need to understand that their safety and that of the people they love is in their hands so they need to do the right thing (Batty and Hallberg 23)

The most important thing for all the people to learn is that industrial pollution is a problem that affects all the people in the society. However, despite these facts most industrialists do not take the necessary measures in their endeavors to discard their toxic wastes in the right manner. This leaves very many people at risk because of the pollutants that make their way to their environs. This is a cause of concern because many people do not know how to handle the waste that may cause harm to them (The Progress Report).

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