Sample Essay

According to Boe, Cook and Sunderland (2007), the state of New Mexico had a graduation rate of 65 per cent in the year 2007, one of the lowest in the United States. The same year saw only 58 per cent of African Americans high school students in the state graduate. On the other hand, 74 per cent of white Americans graduated, indicating that there is a significant difference in the graduation rates among races in the state. This observation is likely to be replicated in Las Cruces where the majority population belongs to the ethnically minority group in the United States.

The state’s economy and competitive standing also suffers as a result of low graduation rates. This is because the situation represents a tremendous wastage of human productivity in the state. Bridgeland, DiIulio, and Morison (2006) are of the view that this ranking is observed because graduates serve to provide any state with both social and economic benefits. The authors argue that many graduates are likely to live longer than those who drop out of school and they rarely become teen parents.

Butler (2009) suggested that improving the country’s education system will increase the rate of high school graduation in the state. He argues that recent years have seen many students in the state score high in reading, and the achievement gap between the minority and white students is shrinking.

However, most of the high schools in the state are still providing poor services to the students. In addition, most students in the state drop out of school because they feel alienated, and are even not noticed when they do not appear for classes (Butler, 2009).

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