Sample Essay

It is possible for the organizations to learn from their mistakes. This is possible for companies like Time Warner Cable by making use of a complaint management system which enables them to solve the complaints effectively and permanently instead of opting for short term solution. Service based companies need to learn from the complaints posted by their customers to provide them with improved service (Mazur, 2000). The learning perspective can be integrated with the complaint management system by integrating it with system learning capability.

As a result the effective customer complaint management systems were those which used learning systems. (Lange-Ros, Huitema & Vos, 2008)  Learning systems are those which have the ability to perform analysis on the data and learn from the results. They can be used as a decision making tool for determining proactive strategies and solving the problems. These systems are faster and help the management on a strategic level in decision making and planning out action strategies. The system enables cable companies to be proactive and plan out mitigation strategies for any complaints and issues which might arise in the future due to technical obsolesce, lack in service quality as well as problems pertaining to lack of customer satisfaction and outdating of technology at the customer’s end.

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