Sample Essay

People living in modern times have benefited from many discoveries and inventions that have enriched the world.  Dedicated scientists spend years and even a lifetime searching for new scientific knowledge and discovering new ways to improve our lives.  The most significant discovery to benefit humankind in modern times is in the field of computer technology, and many people believe that they live in the age of the Internet.

Just as televisions fundamentally changed the life of previous generation, the Internet has a profound impact on the life of my generation. Even though there is much controversy surrounding the issue of younger generation, compared to my parents’ generation, my generation has greater opportunities to use the Internet as well as it is greatly influenced by the Internet that indicates I belong in the “iGeneration,” which ‘i ‘stands for Internet. The main thesis that is being explored is the difference that exists between the iGeneration and the Generation Me as depicted by Twenge.

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