Sample Essay

In the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, the Hutterites in Moravia  discovered  themselves wedged between the  confrontations  of the invading Turks from the east and the Thirty Years’ War in the west. As  firm  pacifists, they  denied   infantry  service and were  compelled  to  tolerate  another episode of  farthest  persecution.

Many were taken as slaves, most of their  young  children   were forcibly taken from their families, and а large number were executed. As а  last   assault,  in 1621,  roughly  one-third of the Hutterite survivors  past away  in а plague, and by 1631 their  figures  had  turned down  to  less  than one thousand(Hutterites 1). These survivors  escaped  eastward intoSlovakiaandHungaryand  subsequent  intoRomania.

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