Sample Essay

A number of protection measures are provided when dealing with email based viruses. The most important and the simplest of them all is to avoid any opening any mails that are unclear or not sent by an authentically identifiable sources about which the receiver is not knowledgeable about. The curiosity of the receiver is the main cause for the spread of such email based viruses but restricting the action of opening unknown mails can greatly help in reducing the thereat of such emails. Aside from this where attachments are present as per the Storm worm case carrying suspicious software and Trojan viruses, such unknown attachments should not be opened at all as they present a significant amount of risk to the security of the computers. The malware and the viruses are being made intelligent to go undetected by the anti-virus programs. The anti-virus programs should also be made to be intelligent as well in order to effectively manage the threat of such intelligent malwares.

Conclusively it can be depicted that the internet medium of communication cannot be made secure to a 100 percent  as even through developments in computer and network security are made, the parties with malicious intent also get intelligent and attain new knowledge which they use to devise ways around the security measures set up to protect computer and network safety. This was depicted through the two cases analyzed in the case pertaining to credit card information theft and the case if the Storm worm virus. The only way around this is to continuously develop and improve the computer security thorough intelligent antispyware and antivirus programs.

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