Sample Essay

‘All of our marketing vehicles were set to support the launch of this strategy,’ says Tervo. The Collegiate Collection is taking it to the streets for promotion with a campus tour program, which will stop at 15 of the 33 participating universities during the fall quarter.” (Ferrante, 2008)

Fashion and beauty related companies are increasing divulging into the culture and traditions of their regional operations to get to know more about their target markets and consumers. The L’Oreal Company has been investing significantly in research into the culture ofSouth Asiaand Pacific East to determine how culture influences the consumers fashion trends. Through this research the company has been able to determine the importance of fair skin for females in the subcontinent. Using this lead L’Oreal has been promoting its lightening and skin whitening range of products actively in the South Asian region through mass media campaigns in print and through television advertisements.

Through examples of various fashion and beauty brands, it has been provided that fashion labels and related companies tend to adopt various different methods of marketing and promoting their products to the target market based on the changing trends in the market. The relationship between the marketing strategy and corporate strategies for c business entities has been explicitly stated along with the influences that affect the field of fashion marketing.

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