Sample Essay

The arguments that have been discussed in the above mentioned articles provide that the housing and the mortgage industry has been facing significant issues that are effecting its growth and recovery. These issues are provided by the increased demand for houses as depicted by the consumers in the market, the inflated prices of housing in the metropolitan cities of the Unites States a well as the still ill performing mortgage industry. Moreover the increasing interest rates in the capital market are also leading to higher interest rates in the mortgage industry. While steps have been taken to provide recovery through the regulation of the mortgage industry aimed at the review and supervision of mortgage brokers and the provision of a 2 percent mortgage option by Obama, more efforts are still required to help aid the industry out of its crisis.

Personal opinion regarding the above stated issues and steps taken to resolve them highlights that better regulation is required in the financing of the real estate as well as in the real estate industry itself in order to help it out of its recession. The overall economy is effected by the crash f the capital market leading to high levels of unemployment. At such time, relief and support should be provided to the consumer s while better regulation in terms of strict guidelines and procedures for operations can help both the mortgage and the real estate industries perform in a much more effective and efficient manner.

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