Sample Essay

The house is a collection of merged houses with magnificent architecture and richly decorated rooms. The well off nature of the family as well as their social status is depicted by the materials used in the house, and the decorations that are set throughout the structures as in the House of Citharist. Often sculptured fountains marked the focal point in the courtyards and the gardens of such houses while intricate fresco painting showing mythological creatures, birds, flowers and indulgence were placed throughout such houses. Aside from this the houses also had separate quarters on the grounds which were reserved housing for the servants and slaves of the family.

The House of Menander is worth a mention as well as it was amongst one of the largest in the city heavily decorated with rich art. The house gets its name from the portrait of Menander found in the house. The unique thing about this house is that the house was found to have an extensive collection of silverware. 118 pieces were discovered in the cellar and the chests in the house. This depicts the elite social status of the owners of the house as well as their well off position in the city. This house also had reserved quarters for a curator named Eros who was responsible for the security and the protection of the house and its goods housed in it.

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