Sample Essay

Hitler was one of the main villains that the human race has come across in the recent past. The mass murder of the Jews and the torture and inhumane treatment that they were subjected to speaks volumes on the villainous elements and the evil within the historically prominent figure of Hitler. However what is little known is the role that isolation played in this violence and immoral behavior.

Hitler’s life has been one of social deprivation form an early stage which manifested into self subjected removal from the social norms and constructs. “Neither as a soldier nor as a politician did Hitler have close attachments. His experience as an enlisted man in the army during the World War I is illustrative. Although he was a dedicated soldier who demonstrated courage in battle, he was a loner; he had no intimates.” (Scheff & Retzinger, 2001, p144) The only relatively close relationships that Hitler shared with others were those with Evan Braun, August Kubizek and Albert Speer. However in none of his relationships with these people, did he create a level of cordiality or equality amongst the different parties involved.

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