Sample Essay

Most high school students originate from the same city or state. Their interests and culture does not vary much from one another. It is easy to approach another student for assistance or social matters. Many even believe that life does not differ from their own. Colleges house students from across the world. Their varying cultures clash; this makes them harder to understand one another. This is advantageous as it provides a necessary lesson in dealing with foreign co workers, clients or superiors in further life.

High school students usually eat food prepared for them by their parents or guardians. They do not face the necessary decisions about health and diet. However once students enter college they must feed themselves. They must familiarize themselves with cooking utensils, groceries and recipes. The only other alternative for them would be to either eat the greasy and fattening food the college cafeteria has to offer or the lavish and often expensive food served in restaurants located around the campus.

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