Sample Essay

The Hartford case study is based on one such incident where people in a street ignored the plight of a hit & run victim who lay conscious and bleeding out on the road. This depicts the absence of moral fiber and humanity in the people, when they refused to help the injured victim fearing their involvement in the incident might end up harming them.

The fact that the incident took place in a working class neighborhood which was busy with office workers returning from work increased the insensitivity depicted by the people witnessing the incident. The injured victim was not picked up and provided aid until after a significant time has passed resulting in the situation turning more horrific in terms of the immorality and lack of consideration depicted by the people residing in the region as well as those commuting to an from the neighborhood.

The changing aspects of human responsibility can be made positive by implementing active and realistic social programs though which the general public can be made aware of the erosion of humanity and moral fiber and the media can contribute to this by reporting incidents and accidents through a humanistic perspective

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