Sample Essay

Google Inc is a renowned company which is known worldwide for its products and services that it provides through the internet. The company is an American entity based in Mountain View in California, boasting a unique and innovative head office. Google Inc was initiated by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as a private entity however, with the expansions of the business the company has become a public traded company. The company is a well known brand in the industry and famous for being philanthropic as well as heavily investing in employee relations and human resource management for its employees.

Google has a strong focus on using innovation and technology to build its organizational culture. The organizational culture of the company is focused towards its employees and the company explicitly stated in its vision that it wants its employees to be as committed to the business, and the products and services as they were when they were employed at their education institutions like Stanford. The same type of energy, ambition and innovation drive is required by the Google Inc., and in order to attain this, the company significantly invests in its employees. A case depicting human resource strategy at Google Inc provided that “the role of organizational culture in attracting the best talent in the industry” (‘Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior’).

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