Sample Essay

A series of murders are committed in the famous Shakespeare play called Macbeth. What is the purpose of these murders? Macbeth commits these murders is that he can remain the king of his nation. In other words, the purpose of these murders is power and supremacy. The central character of the player wants to remove anyone who comes in between him and the throne. Initially, he kills the king and gets on the throne. After that, his inner guilt takes over his confidence and he starts seeing things. This is when people start suspecting him. The level of ruthlessness carried by the character is unbelievable. He does not care about any relation. For instance, when he kills his best friend, no emotions or display of humanity is witnessed.

When Macbeth starts his tenure as the king, a high level of dominance is observed. He does not care about his people and warriors. This play is one of the best examples of how greed can take control of the human mind.  While you are reading the play and going through the scenes, you will realize that all the negative shades of the character are displayed individually. In other words, you can clearly understand how Macbeth’s mind is working a certain scene.

The same negative characteristics are responsible for his downfall as the king. He makes mistakes which make it obvious that he has a guilty conscience. Hence, a brave warrior named Macduff kills him and takes his place.

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