Sample Essay

Getting rid of a drinking habit is not easy at all. Even if you are taking the most powerful medication, you need a very strong intention to lead a normal life. An alcoholic cannot keep his limbs in a stable position and starts shivering. Thus, he cannot study, work or perform any other physical task. Alcohol intake is a chronic problem. This means that even after the treatment is complete, you can start drinking again. The best way to tackle this issue is to get admitted in a reputed treatment center and develop a strong sense of will power.

Do not rate an alcoholic treatment center according to its medical charges?  Some centers admit the patients for a long span but the doctors do not have sufficient time for each one of them.  Alcoholics cannot be treatment through medicines only. They need regular body movement and counseling sessions. What is the purpose of counseling? People who drink develop a perception that they cannot survive without alcohol. In addition to that, they consider themselves too weak to quit drinking.

An alcoholic will never approach a treatment center himself. Thus, if any of your friends or colleagues is addicted to drinking, you have to search one for them.  Drinking would make you broke as you would be spending all your income on buying alcohol or paying at night clubs.

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