Sample Essay

The therapist is highly involved in the sessions with the clients and therefore can abuse the power he holds over the client for material, power or personal gain. Aside from this increased responsibility falls on the therapists due to their position in the therapy which requires, them to be adequately learned, trained and experienced in the technique. “Gestalt therapists are very active and directive within the therapy session and therefore, care must be taken that they have characteristics that include sensitivity, timing, inventiveness, empathy, and respect for the client.

These characteristics, along with ethical practice, are dependent on the skill, training, experience, and judgment of the therapist. The intensity of the therapy might not be suitable for all patients, and even disruptive for some, despite the competence of the therapist. In addition, there is a lack of monitored, scientific research evidence supporting the effectiveness of Gestalt therapy” (Kirchner). In some cases however the patients are scared of venturing into the Gestalt therapy due to the high levels of intensity and involvement which are required.

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