It is evident that the government of Saudi Arabia began on the right footing. However, along the way they adopted unnecessary measures in the name of transparency and costs savings. The result was numerous delayed national projects costing the country billions of dollars. Sadly, this has been the trend for well over two decades. Nonetheless, with the commencement of the King Abdul Aziz Endowment of the Two Holy Mosques project, the government has altered its traditional procurement route and tested the waters of other procurement formats, like PPPs.

            The fundamentals of the Public Private Partnership have been highlighted and how they are proving to be effective in the countries. They are being used to initiate and complete government projects under attractive contracts. These agreements see the government saving monies and paying back its debt in several payments over a long period. However, how transparent are these PPPs? Are they trouble and conflict proof as depicted? Their pros and cons will be discussed in greater girth in the next chapter.

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