Sample Essay


Gable and Grey should have determined, whether they wanted to hire someone from outside to manage the project or to assign someone internally. The experience and the qualification of the candidates for the position of project manager should have been accounted for, and a job description in terms of authority and responsibility should have been prepared. The project management team should have selected by them in accordance with the assigned project manager.


In terms of controlling the project, Gable and Grey should have set specific deliverables as per the WBS and the tasks at hand. This would have enabled them to assess the project on each and every stage of its processing and completion.  This would provide a comprehensive feedback mechanism. Moreover responsibility and authority should have been delegated to the project manager for taking decisions which were specific to the project and did not require influence of the strategic senior management.



From the point of view of directing the project and the staff, Gray and Gable should play the role of supervisors instead of project managers. They should keep checks and balances on the project but should give enough space to the project manager and his team to operate without being held back by the senior management. They can provide guidelines for achieving the objectives of the project, but the day to day tasks and decision should not be the responsibility of Gable and grey.

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