Sample Essay

While the above mentioned different options can improve the position of the Marks & Spencer Company, a more exhaustive and well rounded strategy can be developed through the above mentioned options. The company can seek to reposition itself favorably in the market by expanding its operations in the different countries in which it is already operating.

Simultaneously the company will also need to change its image as well and establish is a more consumer friendly and focused brand which caters to a diverse target market, providing them with the specific retail industry based products that they require. Aside form this the repositioning strategy of the company would also include evaluating the website of the company and making it a more exhaustive option for the online customers to place orders for the range of products being offered by the company in the retail stored.

The reason as to why the other strategies were rejected was because they were very specific in terms of their scope and did not target the main problem faced by the company which pertains to changing the image and the positioning of the company in the retail market.

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