Sample Essay

The Debt to Equity ratio for the company was at 0.76 which is higher than the industry average for 0.74. The current ratio for the company stood at 0.8 while for the industry it was at 1. The industry coverage of the company was also less than the industry average at 11.8, along with the book value per share which stood at 16.01. Aside from this the income per employee as well as the revenue per employee for the company is much lower than the industry average, at $6,432 and $184,615 respectively.

The Profit margins for the company are also at 23.5 as compared to 23.8 for the industry. The net profit margin for the company as compared to the industry was also lower at 3.5. Over the past years from 2003 to 2007, the sales and the net income for the company have been increasing with a decreasing rate as compared to the industry average.

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