Sample Essay

From the financial perspective, the revenue strategy of the company would be to develop and manufacture the LED lighting fixtures at the lowest possible costs, while they would in turn be sold in the market at little premium. The lower priced products provided by the company in the market would use penetration pricing strategy to attain market share while the revenue would be sought form the volume of the sale made. The profit would be generated by the large volume of sales being made by the company in the market. The return on investment that is being targeted is 25 percent on an annual basis form the business venture.

From the customers perspective, the strategy of the company would be to provide the best quality LED lighting products and fixtures in the market which are efficient in terms of the energy they use, provide the sufficient function of lighting, while also being reliable and long lasting. The price changed for these products however would be kept low to encourage the adoption of this technology by the consumers in the market.

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