Sample Essay

The survey depicted that there exist some factors that can influence the pure internet based shoppers to shop online. These factors pertained to the availability of a secure payment system, provision of a virtual shopper/ sales assistance service, provision of ‘Demo View’ service for apparel whereby clothing can be assembled on different body types through the website to better decide on purchases, free delivery regardless of bill total/ value, better navigation of the website, increased promotions on the website in the form of updates, banner messages etc, increased interactivity and communications as well as the addition of ‘Simply Food’ products and services at M&S online.

100 percent of the respondents indicated that they would shop online at M&S Online if the delivery charges were elimiatedr4gardkess of bill amount. 98 percent of the respondents mentioned that they would shop at M&S Online if a secure payment system was made available and 94 percent of the respondents indicated that they would be likely to shop at M&S Online if the company adds the ‘Simply Food’ products and services to its online product catalogue. The increased interactivity and communication, provision of virtual shopper and provision of sales assistance were highlighted as significant influencing factors.

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