Sample Essay

Technological Environment

               India as a country has undergone significant advancements and growth in the filed of technology. “In last 60 years, in sectors like business and S&T (Science and Technology) have advanced most. Most backward areas are infrastructure and social equity.”

(Dutta) The advancement of the communications technology of the internet has made it possible for the business to overcome the infrastructure problems for conducting their business in the region. Everyone from prominent film celebrities to business men to street vendors who set their stalls on the pedestrian walk launched websites to attract customers (‘Technical India’). This shows that as the Arizona Beverage Company does not rely on traditional advertising or marketing, they can use the internet as a medium to reach out to their target market in the region.


Socio-cultural Environment

The demographics of India make it highly favorable for business both international and local alike. “India’s favorable demographics are often touted as one of the major reasons behind the country’s growth. Millions of educated Indians under the age of 30 act as the pistons firing in a multi-cylinder economic system, which continues to expand at enviable rates despite the global recession” (Shah, 2009). The country has a population which is approximately 1,150 million (‘India Demographics Profile 2008’) and majority of these are tea drinkers. The consumption of tea is a social tradition that takes place 2-3 times a day if not often in most homes. This cultural importance of tea along with the very hot weather of the region increases the demand for cold tea in India which can be tapped by the company in its marketing strategy.

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