Sample Essay

An example of a company achieving economies of scale in the form of capital investment would be a super chain which operates on a national level. This chain can invest in technology by using the ample funds it has available to improve the control of stock in the firm and to minimize its cost of handling and storage. Small scaled firms however would not be able to buy such technology or invest in developing such technologies in house.

An example of economies of scale achieved through division and specialization of labor is in the case of automobile manufacturing. The introduction of the assembly line technology increased integration of the process while making way for specialization as well.

The law of increased dimensions is applicable in the leisure and travel sectors in the case of transport and tourism. This is due to the fact that increasing the number of miles traveled results in a decreased rate of increase fir the additional cost of fuel required and other things.

TNT Express Services was initiated in 1972 in UK and has been since then striving to fight against the monopoly of Royal Mail. In 2006 however the company was finally able to demolish the monopoly of the Royal mail making the market more competitive and reducing the barriers to entry for the market. The reason for the company being able to demolish the monopoly was through the expansion of the company, its structure and its business activities. The case of TNT Corporation shows how it has exploited the economies of scale.

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