Sample Essay

The Hutterite story began in 1525 in Switzerland during the Protestant Reformation when а group of radical reformers called for а cleaner break from Catholic traditions (All Things Common: A Comparison of Israeli, Hutterite and Latter-day Saint Communalism 2-7). They refused to baptize their babies, raised questions about the mass, scorned the use of images, and criticized the morality of church officials.  Known as Anabaptists meaning rebaptizers, these radical reformers argued that only adults who had made а voluntary decision to become Christians should be baptized.

            Convinced that “true” Christians must reject private property, the Hutterites formed in 1528 as а distinct Anabaptist group (Today’s Hutterites do more than farm to stay afloat 2-7). Faced with bitter persecution, torture, and execution, they fled to safe havens inMoraviain present-dayAustria. Jacob Hutter, an Anabaptist pastor from whom the Hutterites took their name, advocated sharing material goods as described in the Bible.

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